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Operational Phase

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Finances / Finance Manager

Task, function or purpose

  • Collection and accounting of financial contributions
  • Maintenance of checking account
  • Maintenance of shelter financial records and accounts payable
  • Maintenance of payroll records
  • Inventory of major equipment purchased with shelter funds

Operational needs

  • Checking account for operating expenses and payroll
  • Credit card for major equipment purchases
  • Charge account with major suppliers

Staffing requirements

  • Shelter accounting officer with experience in financial record keeping and business management to maintain daily accounts
  • Full-time, honest, pleasant volunteers at reception area to take in and record financial contributions
  • Secretarial support to log in and acknowledge charitable contributions to the shelter and assist with maintenance of records
  • Accounting professional to advise on proper procedures associated with operating a nonprofit entity

Equipment needs

  • Computer with Microsoft Office to maintain business records
  • Duplicate receipt books to acknowledge donations of cash
  • Lock box for petty cash and daily receipts

Records, forms, checklists, SOPs (standard operating procedures)

  • Donor and donation information spreadsheet
  • Payroll information spreadsheet
  • Weekly payroll spreadsheet
  • Shelter expenditures spreadsheet
  • Checking account maintenance spreadsheet
  • Checking account deposit spreadsheet

The LSU Experience: Finances


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