LSU Emergency Animal Shelter

Disaster Response Manual

Operational Phase

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Logistics Section

Supplies and Inventory

Task, function or purpose

  • Receiving of donations
  • Procurement and storage of supplies
  • Distribution of supplies and transport of equipment/animals, etc.
  • Breakdown of facility with return of loaned equipment/supplies and distribution of donated feed and supplies

Staffing requirements

  • Full-time receiving / distribution / inventory manager
  • Procurement manager to solicit / coordinate purchases and donations
  • Two-four workers supplemented by volunteers as needed to stock and distribute supplies and assist with inventory

Equipment needs

  • Forklift available at all times
  • Truck and trailer capable of handling pallets of supplies
  • Pallet jack, flatbed carts, wheelbarrows, etc.
  • Shelving units

Records, forms, checklists, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

  • Forms for accepting donations versus loans
  • Forms for logging distribution of supplies during operation and after closing of shelter

Things that could be set up ahead of time

  • Identify sources for caging, feed and water equipment, fans, etc.
  • Identify a warehouse in close proximity to shelter to inventory, sort, and store supplies on arrival if space is not available at the shelter site

The LSU Experience: Supplies and Inventory  




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