LSU Emergency Animal Shelter

Disaster Response Manual


How to Use this Manual

Please see the Introduction for details on how to navigate the web version.

The Word version of this document is bookmarked for ease of use and it is recommended that this version of the manual be used on your computer.  A printable version (with page numbers indicated in the Table of Contents) is in preparation.

The format is concise for quick information access. The following topics are addressed (if applicable) within logistical sections:

  • Task, function or purpose
  • Operational needs
  • Staffing requirements
  • Staffing placement (position description)
  • Organization
  • Equipment needs
  • Records, forms, checklists, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Flow diagrams (paper flow; operations flow; people flow)
  • Things that could be set up ahead of time
  • Information sources

The LSU Experience section describes specific lessons learned during Hurricane Katrina. Forms and protocols used at the LSU–EAS are provided.  These, along with flow diagrams, may be downloaded and adapted for other situations.  Useful websites are cited and additional documents that may be beneficial are included.


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